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Strength Training Information

Welcome to The Strength Training Site, the most complete strength training guide, and the best strength training link directory on the internet.

What Is Strength Training?

Strength training is using some form of resistance against muscular contraction in order to build strength, anaerobic endurance and the size of your muscles. There are many different methods of strength training, the most common being the use of barbells, dumbbells and machines. Strength training should be part of any bodybuilding, fitness or sports training program, which also includes aerobic and flexibility exercises.

Why Should You Do Strength Training?

Strength training strengthens muscle, joints and bones; it also lowers body fat, increases cardiovascular fitness and much more. The benefits of strength training for athletes such as football, basketball and rugby players have been know for a very long time now. Strength training can also help you lose weight and keep your body strong at any age. It's never too late to start, but be sure to check with your doctor before you start a strength training program to check for any medical conditions, injuries or illnesses.

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If you have been spending your training time on standard bodybuilding style exercise - congratulations you have developed half the muscle tissue in your body. But if you want to take your body to the next level of power and development, you have to deliberately go after it with a specific mix of training.

Unless you build in power and strength training with specific exercises, you will never reach your full potential for power, strength, and yes, SIZE.

Have you ever seen the World's Strongest Men competitors? Not only are they massive, they are also unbelievably strong. These guys pick up cars and carry them around. They are so massive because they have addressed the full range of muscle development.

You can do the same, and the best news of all is that it doesn't take a lot of time to add this into your training, and you can begin at any age.

That's right - some of the best powerlifters have been stronger in their 50's than they were in their 30's. Amazing. A couple of the strongest men of all time didn't even get started until they were in their mid 20's. It certainly isn't too late for you to add the power and strength dimension to your training!

By employing certain exercises and adding the power and strength approach to your training you can give your body an incredible boost that is beneficial across the board.

Bottom line - do you want to be more powerful? Bigger? Stronger? Then you have to go after it.

You can get on the right path to power today.

We have finally released the Ultimate Guide To Getting Super Strong in the deadlift, squat, bench press, press over head, rows, curls, odd lifts, feats of strength such as bending bars, breaking bricks, etc.

strength training secrets ebook

Strength Training Secrets will take you there by giving you the insight and direction to crank up your body power. This amazing new guide provides you with inside knowledge for real strength and power:

Why powerlifting squats and bench presses are so much different, and beneficial, than what you see practiced in most gyms

How to employ Olympic movements for fantastic development!

Why explosive action is so essential for the full development of the body

Examples from the top pros

The key supporting elements for building real strength and power into your body

Why sprinting is vital for the muscles

And much more!

Strength Training Secrets provides a boatload of information you can use to take your body to the next level.

Start the path to becoming more powerful today. After all, what good are your muscles if they aren't as strong as they could be?

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